Write That Script!

Write That Script!

“You can’t write your second script until you write your first.” Screenwriting is a tight and demanding medium but it is also one of the most exciting forms in which to write. Do you have a story in you that would make a fantastic film? Then this is the book that could enable you to turn that idea into a screenplay. Write That Script! brings together everything you need to know from idea to first draft and rewriting, with examples to show you how the theory works and tons of writing exercises to put the theory into practice.

Write That Script! covers idea, character, structure, plotting, crafting the individual scene, how to avoid procrastination, kick start your reluctant muse and more but its aim is to help you to get that first script written, because finishing your first script means you can write the next.

About the author
L. J. SEDGWICK is an award-winning screenwriter who has taught screenwriting for over 21 years. Her credits span genres and form, from feature films, television drama and children’s series to short films, radio plays and game narrative. Her animation series, Punky, has been recognised as the first mainstream cartoon series in the world in which the main character has special needs and is available globally. She regularly runs writing courses, workshops and masterclasses in libraries, colleges, universities and festivals around Ireland, was Screenwriter in Residence in Maynooth University and Co. Kildare Library and Art Services 2016-7.

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