Web Scraping for SEO with Python

Web Scraping for SEO with Python

This project is a step-by-step guide to the development of a real project in the Python programming language and where several aspects of the language will be seen as well as its execution in different development environments.
Project index

Class 1: Definition of the problem and Development environment
Class 2: Read content from a web page with urllib
Class 3: Obtain internal links of a web page
Class 4: Decode links and see accents
Class 5: Create list of valid links
Class 6: Search all internal links of the website
Class 7: Get metatag title
Class 8: Get metatag description
Class 9: Task for the student: Get tag
Class 10: Save results in a file
Class 11: Conversion to Python version 3.6
Class 12: Task for the student: Generate HTML file to visualize in internet browser
Class 13: Student task: Rewrite program with Beautiful Soup module
Class 14: Analyze website for SEO

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