Wall Street Craps

Wall Street Craps

Risking your hard-earned money in today’s volatile stock market has become more akin to gambling than it is traditional investing. But despite its wild gyrations, the stock market still qualifies as one of the best investment vehicles in terms of good odds, high returns, low costs, and instant cash for both big and small players alike.

In this easy-to-understand book, you’ll discover the 10 most critical steps to accelerating your success in the stock market. Using the following simple and powerful ideas in your approach to stock market investing will allow you to “play” the game correctly, manage your bankroll, and come out a consistent winner instead of a loser:

· Think like a winner – not a loser
· Divide up your funds wisely
· Focus on the broad stock market
· Choose only the best buy candidates
· Evaluate the market with more precision
· Know exactly when to place your bets
· Stay sharp when you’re holding positions
· Decide when it’s the right time to cash out
· Know Thy Self & adjust your play accordingly
In order to succeed in today’s hot and cold stock market, an investor must learn the secrets to becoming a savvy player instead of a sucker.

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