The Nonlinear Workbook

The Nonlinear Workbook

The Nonlinear Workbook provides a comprehensive treatment of all the techniques in nonlinear dynamics together with C++, Java and SymbolicC++ implementations. The book not only covers the theoretical aspects of the topics but also provides the practical tools. To understand the material, more than 100 worked out examples and 160 ready to run programs are included. Each chapter provides a collection of interesting problems. New topics added to the 6th edition are Swarm Intelligence, Quantum Cellular Automata, Hidden Markov Model and DNA, Birkhoff’s ergodic theorem and chaotic maps, Banach fixed point theorem and applications, tau-wavelets of Haar, Boolean derivatives and applications, and Cartan forms and Lagrangian.

Nonlinear and Chaotic Maps
Time Series Analysis
Autonomous Systems in the Plane
Nonlinear Hamilton Systems
Nonlinear Dissipative Systems
Nonlinear Driven Systems
Controlling of Chaos
Synchronization of Chaos
Cellular Automata
Solving Ordinary Differential Equations
Neural Networks
Genetic Algorithms
Gene Expression Programming
Discrete Hidden Markov Models
Fuzzy Sets and Fuzzy LogicStudents and researchers in mathematics, physics, and computer science. Key Features:

Provides all the tools useful for mathematicians, physicists, and computer scientists
Surveys all the topics important in nonlinear science

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