The Base

The Base

Australia role in international 21st century warfare Across the globe, wars are being fought from Syria to the Philippines, Somalia to Yemen, and while it may not be on the nightly news, Australia is there. With few public announcements, our wars of the 21st century are chosen for us and largely fought in secret. The US’s ‘war on terror’ has become a ‘war of terror’, with the most technologically advanced weapons ever seen being used in poor countries with treasure troves of natural resources but often without even running water.

The Base presents an ominous picture of 21st century warfare and surveillance — lethal drones, massive data collection and analysis, military satellites, and the weaponisation of space — and exposes the depth of our involvement and just how severely Australia’s sovereignty is compromised.

In a darkening world of war, ruthless competition for natural resources, climate catastrophe, and pervasive all-seeing surveillance, should Australia be part of the problem or part of the solution?

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