Seduction Force Multiplier 4: Power of Routines – Situationa…

Seduction Force Multiplier 4: Power of Routines - Situationa...

This is book #4 of The Seduction Force Multiplier Series.
In this book, specific routines or scripts have been made focusing on the most common scenarios facing the PUAs.
These are specific game recipes exactly made covering that particular environment or situation! From opening to mid-game, everything is handed to you.
You’ll know exactly what to say and what to do in every scenario. Its almost gaming in autopilot! Imagine the sense of comfort and predictability of success if every situation and scenario is mapped out for you?You’ll hardly get caught off guard again!
This book does that and more!
It also contains a special section to teach you to memorize/internalize the material herein.
What good is having PUA scripts and routines when you can’t use them?
This book will teach you how!
Table of Contents
I – How it works
Scripting situations
Increasing confidence through competence
Opening to middle game
How to internalize the materials
False Time Constraint Example
II Scenario Scripts
Girl playing on her mobile
Massage/Spa place
Computer store
Cell phone shop
Sets are separated with a glass window
Skin clinic
Watch Store
Sight seeing
Jewelry store
Shopping at the grocery
Falling in line at a diner/restaurant
Seated inside the bank
Hired guns
Girl with a subordinate or equal co-worker
Girl with brother or sister.
Girl with younger sibling or child
Girl with a friend or classmate.
Girl with boss
Girl with parents or grandparent(s)
Street Party
Beach Party
Its Raining
Job Fair
Girls Playing Sports
Playing at the Arcade
Line outside the ATM
Line at a grocery
Car shop
Lobby of a hotel
Waiting for the car from the parking or valet.
Trying to hail a cab
Students out of school
Girl in a kiddie playground or daycare.
At the park
Brisk walking
Involving flowers
Girls looking for something or someone
Girl at a hardware store.
Girl buying a recordable DVD
Girls taking pictures
They are taking the pictures
Girls browsing a clothing store
At the cinema
Gift shop
Going home from club or bar.
Going to the club or bar.
Girl waiting for her friend or waiter to fulfill her orders.
Inside the club
Girls ordering at the bar
Amusement park
Food Tasting
Ordering or eating street food.
Coffee Shop
The Cube Routine
Style’s Evolution Phase Shift Routine
Trust Test
Soul gazing routine

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