Security in Embedded Devices

Security in Embedded Devices

Security in Embedded Devices

Cathy Gebotys

Although security is prevalent in PCs, wireless communications and other systems today, it is expected to become increasingly important and widespread in many embedded devices. For some time, typical embedded system designers have been dealing with tremendous challenges in performance, power, price and reliability. Now they must also deal with definition of security requirements, security design and implementation. Given the limited number of security engineers in the market, large background of cryptography with which these standards are based upon, and difficulty of ensuring the implementation will also be secure from attacks, security design remains a challenge. This book provides the foundations for understanding embedded security design, outlining various aspects of security in devices ranging from typical wireless devices such as PDAs through to contactless smartcards to satellites.

Provides must-have content for both security engineers and embedded systems designers;

Describes numerous case studies, including contactless smartcards, PDA security, and satellite security, illustrating various aspects of secure, embedded design;

Covers security fundamentals, embedded security issues and crypto architecture;

Shows readers how to attack an embedded system and how to embed countermeasures to resist attack–readers are shown that understanding attacks is crucial to implementing security in embedded systems.

Security in Embedded Devices | | 4.5