Security and Emergency Management For Water Systems

Security and Emergency Management For Water Systems

Water infrastructure security is maintained through the conscientious efforts of managers, water engineers, and operators. Much of this water supply protection comes from accepted practices in the water industry. However, complete water source protection is impossible. The costs for such water system security would be prohibitive. Societies in developed countries have become accustomed to safe and secure water systems because they are a distinguishing feature of a successful economy and are often taken for granted. 
It is the job of proficient utility managers, engineers, and operators to use resources wisely to provide water infrastructure security, including disaster mitigation, emergency management, and protection from water contamination. Professionals in the industry have done an exceptional job in this regard, but the risks still exist and in some areas are becoming more daunting. Security and Emergency Management of Water Systems goes beyond assessing the risks and vulnerabilities of water supply security to get into the practical aspects of emergency management and business continuity planning. It is a water infrastructure security and supply book that prepares the next generation of engineers for the natural and man-made disasters that threaten that supply. No one knows where the next emergency will come from, but those who are prepared have a much better chance of surviving with minimal impact.

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