Rapid Java Web Development

Rapid Java Web Development

Developing Web Applications has never been easier with the new generation Java open source tools. You’ll be amazed at how fast you can have a ready-for-production AJAX web application up and running from scratch.

In this book you’ll learn OpenXava, JPA, Eclipse, PostgreSQL, JUnit, HtmlUnit, Hibernate Validator framework, Liferay, etc. More importantly, you’re going to learn techniques to solve both common and advanced cases that you’ll face developing business applications.

The book starts with an overview of OpenXava framework, JPA technology and Java annotations. Then it walks readers through the creation of an Invoicing application using Eclipse, Tomcat and PostgreSQL. This application will evolve, adding complex domain model with inheritance, business logic, creation of custom hibernate validator, calling REST web services, automated testing with HtmlUnit, navigation and security by means of Liferay portal, etc.

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