Python Recipes Handbook

Python Recipes Handbook

Learn the code to write algorithms, numerical computations, data analysis and much more using the Python language: look up and re-use the recipes for your own Python coding. This book is your handy code cookbook reference. Whether you’re a maker, game developer, cloud computing programmer and more, this is a must-have reference for your library.

Python Recipes Handbook gives you the most common and contemporary code snippets, using pandas (Python Data Analysis Library), NumPy, and other numerical Python packages.

What You’ll Learn
Code with the pandas (Python Data Analysis Library)Work with the various Python algorithms useful for today’s big data analytics and cloud applicationsUse NumPy and other numerical Python packages and code for doing various kinds of analysisDiscover Python’s new popular modules, packages, extensions and templates library
Who This Book Is For
This handy reference is for those with some experience with Python. 

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