Python For Data Science

Python For Data Science

The phenomenon, named the fourth industrial revolution, and also known as Big Data, is bringing profound changes in the world we live in. It is still difficult to make accurate predictions of how the phenomenon will affect our lives and our world, but Big Data will change your personal life, your home, your car, your job, your health, your friendships, your diet, your sleep and your leisure.

Large-scale data, with speed and variety never before imagined makes today’s technology difficult to store and process. But what good is a mountain of data if we can’t extract value? Behind this phenomenon is electronic data. A few decades ago this was produced by a few types of equipment and had a high cost of storage; today it is produced everywhere, and the cost of storage it is very low, and getting cheaper by the day.

This book brings an introduction to the world of Data Science With Python. It explains analysis techniques using codes and includes over 60 programs that will walk you through Step by Step how to use Python in the world of data science. This hands on approach makes the presentation much more concrete.

Finally, the readers will have a better grip on the complexity of Python, as we will explore extensive use of Python libraries, which hide details behind powerful functions. It is a powerful mystery that we can teach you to solve. Now is your chance to get a hands on approach to data science with Python.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy this book now and start taking steps to learn Python Data Science.

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