Python For Beginners.Learn Data Science in 5 Days the Smart …

Python For Beginners.Learn Data Science in 5 Days the Smart ...

Have you always wanted to learn computer programming but thought it was too difficult or would take too long?

Do you want to know the secret to learning Python Data Science the easy way and start programming today?

This book is for you.

You don’t need to waste your time and money learning Python the hard way through tiresome technical books, expensive online courses and difficult Python tutorials.

This non-technical book will gently guide you through…

The Python Data Science Language.

You will learn the most concise methods to get you coding on day one-the smart way.

Python for Beginners.

Beginner friendly hands on examples of practical and usable projects.

The most useful Python examples.

Each example is specifically designed to give you a progressive and thorough understanding of key concepts and all answers are provided.

Strategic Python Data Science topics.

The topics are presented in user friendly bite sized chunks to optimize a quick learning style which will also make it easy for you to remember.

This book is different in that it’s primary focus it to teach you Python Data Science in a simple and concise format and in the quickest time frame possible. Each short chapter has exercises at the end which summarize what you have learned in a progressive manner to avoid overloading you with information. Each exercise has been carefully chosen to enable you to master the language and retain what you have learned. No technical skills, previous knowledge or experience is required.

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You’ll also learn:

Exactly what is IPython?

What are the IPython keyboard shortcuts?

What are the IPython magic commands?

What is Numpy and how can I use it?

Numpy array attributes?

Advanced Ufunc Features?

Working with Boolean Arrays?

Boolean Operators?

Data Manipulation with Pandas?

Constructing Data Frame objects?

Data Selection in DataFrame?

Handling Missing Data?

Operations with Matplotlib?

And more!

Finally, you will be gently guided on how to put everything that you have learned together so that you can immediately start your own Python coding in your chosen real-world scenarios.

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