Python 101: Learn Python 3 From Scratch

Python 101: Learn Python 3 From Scratch

Python is one of the top 3 programming languages that companies all over the world are looking for when recruiting.

The amount of tasks that you can perform using Python is absolutely mind-blowing – from database querying to Excel spreadsheet handling, from data analysis and visualization to unit testing and web testing, from network automation to web development.

Moreover, there are tons of websites using Python on a smaller or larger scale, such as Google, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Dropbox and Reddit, among many others.

Over the past years, I got messages from people asking one of three questions.

I want my first job as a junior developer. But where to start?
I love my current job, but how to evolve and stand out from the crowd?
I hate my current job, but how to get on the radar of top companies?

My answer has always been the same, based on my own experience. Learn programming ASAP!

The second question always is “but there are so many programming languages, which one should I pick?”.

Well, the truth is more than 90% of people looking to become developers are struggling to find “the best” programming language and wasting hours, days, months, even years procrastinating instead of taking immediate action. Maybe you’re in that exact situation right now.

It might sound disappointing, but there’s no such thing as “the best” programming language. But what I can say is that Python is definitely one of the most – if not the most – beginner-friendly languages out there when it comes to learning. And I have a team of over 60,000 students from 170+ countries in my Python courses who can say the same.

But since people have various learning styles and not everybody wants or affords to take 20-hour online video courses, I decided to write this book, teaching basic and intermediate Python 3 topics from scratch, in an easy-to-digest format.

The “Python 101: Learn Python 3 From Scratch” book is aimed at anyone having little or no experience in coding and a great desire to start learning Python from scratch. This hands-on training takes you from “Hello World!” to intermediate and advanced Python topics in no time.

First, you will learn and practice every Python 3 key concept, which is explained in one or more sub-chapters. Each chapter of this book is filled with relevant examples, created in a learn-by-doing fashion and the coding exercises will help you consolidate the main ideas behind each Python 3 topic.

After laying the foundation, you will start exploring some intermediate and advanced Python topics, such as File Operations, Regular Expressions and Comprehensions, thus quickly growing your skills from Zero to Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced level.

Python 3 – Basics
Python 3 – Strings
Python 3 – Numbers and Booleans
Python 3 – Lists
Python 3 – Sets
Python 3 – Tuples
Python 3 – Ranges
Python 3 – Dictionaries
Python 3 – Conditionals and Loops
Python 3 – Handling Errors and Exceptions
Python 3 – Functions
Python 3 – File Operations
Python 3 – Regular Expressions
Python 3 – OOP Basics
Python 3 – Advanced Python Tools
Python 3 – Cheat Sheet

As a final bonus, at the end of this book you will also find a 25-page cheat sheet that enables you to have every Python 3 concept at hand whenever you need it.

If you would like to get really serious about coding and be part of the get-smart-quick scheme, then I’m inviting you to join my amazing learning community by grabbing this Python book.

Having that said, it’s time to take your first step towards a new career. Not next month. Not tomorrow. Today.

Let’s get to work!

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