PHP MySQL Development of Login Modul: 3 hours Easy Guide

PHP MySQL Development of Login Modul: 3 hours Easy Guide

This book was written and printed as an easy reference for Information Technology and Computer Science student who are currently in the midst of developing and designing their final year project in any Higher Learning Institution especially Polytechnic Malaysia. It consists of PHP and MySQL programming in which both are the core element in creating and developing the system.
This book / e-book also can be used as a reference for subject FP512 – Web Programming 1, DFP3143 – Web Development and FP621 – Programming Project. Student are require to have basic understanding of PHP, HTML., CSS Programming and MySQL Database design before they can use this book / e-book.
Often, many final students of ICT Department in Polytechnic Mukah complain that creating this feature is hard and time consuming due to the lack of student experience in programming and level of thinking. It took them almost a quarter of their project time frame to create such feature. Due to this, they are unable to concentrate more on creating and designing their core system.

By publishing this book / e-book, we hope it will ease the burden of the student and making them concentrate more on the core system given that less time is consumed to create a login module and more time to create a quality system for their final year project. Do take note, this guide is only a reference and idea sharing and it is not compulsory for the student to fully follow the guide inside this book / e-book and it is solely focusing on creating the log in program.

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