Online Business Security Systems

Online Business Security Systems

It is common practice for online businesses to implement security systems as part of infrastructure that drive their business processes. The irony is that, implementation of online business security systems do not take into account the global nature of business operations, security risk factors associated with infrastructure type, its location, levels of standards and best practice upheld in managing online systems, skill set of technical and non-technical manpower, socio-cultural and economic dependencies as well as synergistic relationship of these factors. Consequently there is absence of a security risk model that effectively manages threats and vulnerabilities that emerge from the heterogenous and hetero-standard nature of global business infrastructure.

On-Line Business Security Systems, a professional book, applies the concept of synchronization to security of global heterogeneous and hetero-standard systems by modeling the relationship of risk access spots (RAS) between advanced and developing economy’s network platforms.  The proposed model is more effective at securing the electronic security gap between these economies in real life applications, such as electronic fund transfer in electronic business. The process involves the identification of vulnerabilities on communication networks. This book also presents a model and simulation of an integrated approach to security and risk known as Service Server Transmission Model (SSTM).

On-Line Business Security Systems is designed for a professional audience composed of researchers and practitioners in industry. This volume is also suitable for graduate-level students in computer science.

Foreword by Don Anderson, President, Quantum International Corporation,
Founding Member, Intellas Group, LLC, and Adel Elmaghraby, Ph.D., Chair
Department of Computer Engineering and Computer Science, University of Louisville, USA

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