Nomenclatura – Encyclopedia of modern Cryptography and Inter…

Nomenclatura - Encyclopedia of modern Cryptography and Inter...

This "Encyclopedia of modern Cryptography and Internet Security" brings the latest and most relevant coverage of the topic – expanding a lot of relevant terms and central key words: It's a Nomenclatura!
# Fundamental information on modern Cryptography and Internet Security in a broadband overview.
# Extensive resource with most relevant explanations of keywords and terms.
# Introduction article by editing authors on "Transformation of Cryptography".
# Effective handbook for students, tutors and researching professionals in many fields and lecturing and developing experts of all levels to deepen the existing knowledge of the "nomenclatura" of these topics from Information Theory, Applied Mathematics, Technological Impact Assessment, for sure Linguistic, and Computational Methods of Engineering, Programming etc..
# Including the didactic game for teaching: "Cryptographic Cafeteria".
# With bibliographic references to start further readings.
# Appearing in an A-Z format, Nomenclatura – The Encyclopedia of modern Cryptography and Internet Security provides easy, intuitive access to scientific information on all relevant aspects of Cryptography, Encryption and Information and Internet Security.

This modern Encyclopedia is broad in scope, covering everything from AutoCrypt and Exponential Encryption to Zero-Knowledge-Proof Keys including explanations on Authentication, Block Ciphers and Stream Ciphers, Cryptanalysis and Security, Cryptographic Calling and Cryptographic Discovery, Cryptographic Protocols like e.g. the Echo-Protocol, Elliptic Curve Cryptography, Fiasco Forwarding, Goldbugs, Hash Functions and MACs, Juggling Juggernauts and Juggerknot Keys, McEliece, Multi-Encryption, NTRU, OTM, Public Key Cryptography, Patch-Points, POPTASTIC, Quantum Computing Cryptography, Secret Streams, Turtle Hopping, Two-Way-Calling and many more…

This introducing and cross-linking reference has been published in two popular formats: print and as eBook. The printed book edition has been created very affordable, so that each interested Reader, Researcher, Student and Tutor – and Library – is able to get this book with an investment comparable to a lunch meal to democratize easy-accessible and readable knowledge in one spot for Cryptography, Encryption and Internet Security.

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