Natural Computing with Python

Natural Computing with Python

Natural Computing is an important field of research that combines natural models and computer science to develop new computational techniques for solving complex problems, synthesizing models and natural phenomena, and finally developing new types of computers.

Natural Computing with Python, presents the most important concepts, and the main applications of this research field. Each chapter of the book introduces a different topic, in which the most important algorithms are described and implemented in Python programming language.

This book presents all the fundamental elements of natural computing: Neural Networks, Deep Learning, Genetic Programming, Swarm Intelligence, Cellular Automata, Fractals, Quantum Computing, DNA Computing.

Natural Computing with Python is therefore a self-contained introduction and a guide to the main computational techniques inspired by nature that find numerous applications from Engineering Sciences to Artificial Intelligence, from Biology to Quantum Physics.

After reading this book, the reader will have acquired knowledge of the basic concepts and mastery of the main algorithms that will allow him to face increasingly complex computational challenges.

Natural Computing with Python | | 4.5