Modern JavaScript Applications

Modern JavaScript Applications

An example-driven guide that explores the world of modern web development with JavaScript

About This Book

• Explore the new features of ECMAScript 6 and how they can be incorporated to build cutting edge web applications
• Learn about modern web architectures and build real-world apps on top of them
• Make use of modern JavaScript tools, techniques and frameworks to enhance your web development skills

Who This Book Is For

This book is for existing JavaScript developers who want to explore some of the modern JavaScript features, techniques, and architectures to develop cutting edge web applications.

What You Will Learn

• Learn to create single page websites
• Gain expertise in responsive and dynamic website design
• Enable Real-time communications between client-client and client-server/server-client
• Create APIs for large-scale applications
• Write complete applications using functional reactive programming

In Detail

Over the years, JavaScript has taken significant strides in the world of modern web development to enhance the development of a wide range of applications with different architectures. This book explores the advanced and new features that have arrived in JavaScript and how they can be applied to develop high-quality applications with different architectures.
The book begins by covering a single page application that builds on the innovative MVC approach using AngularJS. As we move forward, the book shows you how to develop an enterprise-level application with the microservices architecture, using Node to build web services. We then focus on network programming concepts and you’ll build a real-time web application with websockets.
When you’ve gained a solid grip on the different architectures, we’ll move on to the area where JavaScript shines, that is, UI development. You’ll learn to build responsive, declarative UIs with React and Bootstrap. As we near the end of this book, you’ll see how the performance of web applications can be enhanced using Functional Reactive Programming (FRP). Along the way, the book also explores how the power of JavaScript can be increased multi-fold.
After reading this book, you will have a solid knowledge of the latest JavaScript techniques, tools, and architecture to build modern web apps.

Style and approach

Covering all the new features in ECMAScript 6, this book takes a project-based approach to introduce you to all the latest techniques, tools, and architectures of JavaScript web development. Each project that the book builds will show you a different angle of the power of JavaScript in modern web development.

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