Mastering Lambdas

Mastering Lambdas

The Definitive Guide to Lambda Expressions

Mastering Lambdas: Java Programming in a Multicore World describes how the lambda-related features of Java SE 8 will enable Java to meet the challenges of next-generation parallel hardware architectures. The book explains how to write lambdas, and how to use them in streams and in collection processing, providing code examples throughout. You’ll learn how to use lambda expressions to take full advantage of performance improvements provided by today’s multicore hardware. This Oracle Press book covers:

Why lambdas were needed, and how they will change Java programming

Syntax of lambda expressions

The basic operation of streams and pipelines

Using collectors and reduction to end pipelines

Creating streams

Spliterators, the fork/join framework, and exceptions

Examining stream performance with microbenchmarking

API evolution using default methods

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