Maintainable Java

Maintainable Java

There are hundreds of Java books on the market that discuss the APIs of various packages, discuss patterns and introduce the developer to the Java language. This book will do none of those things. Instead the book will focus on the core of the Java language and the APIs that come in the JDK itself. This book will introduce professional developers to the 9 principles of maintainable code and demonstrate how those principles can be applied with 120 individual tips that can be used to improve the maintainability of code.

Written for the professional developer, this book takes a practical approach to the sometimes monumental task of repairing code in a working business. The book starts with the statement level, providing tips on how to improve individual statements in a program. This gives every reader the ability to immediately apply maintainability techniques. As the book progresses, the complexity of tips and commitment to refactoring gradually increase until we reach the architectural level.

The developer that masters the tips in this book will be an A-player and the organization that enforces these rules will find their software quality rise dramatically.

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