Lir Ilir

Lir Ilir

Lir Ilir is the first book in the interactive Musicadventures series, which puts learning about music directly into the hands of children. Aimed at primary school-age children, a range of engaging activities take readers on a journey through the wonderful music and culture of Indonesia, led by musical group Makukuhan and brought to you by Musica Viva, Australia’s leading independent provider of music education. 

Children listen to the song, Lir Ilir, based on a traditional tale of Central Java that celebrates new beginnings. They read a story, learn and write lyrics, practise rhythm and melody, and play a range of instruments such as kendang and rebana – even build their own instrument! They also explore the geography and society of Indonesia through games, interactive illustrations and video. Further, children can add their own personal stories and photographs as they progress through the book, test their knowledge through quizzes and receive a certificate at the end of the journey. 

Most importantly, children learn through play and independent exploration. Readers who have experienced a Musicadventures book have talked about it for months afterwards and can’t wait to read more.

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