Learning CSS3 Animations and Transitions: A Hands-on Guide t…

Learning CSS3 Animations and Transitions: A Hands-on Guide t...

Get Started Fast with Professional-Quality CSS3 Animation!

For web designers and developers building rich web and mobile applications, standards-based CSS3 is the future! Learning CSS3 Animations and Transitions is the only tutorial focused entirely on creating quality animations and transitions with CSS3. Leading web developer and trainer Alexis Goldstein¿ covers everything web professionals need to know through solid examples that help you build your¿ skills one step at a time.

Goldstein’s project-based approach guides you through using transforms, transitions, keyframe¿ animations, JavaScript, and even advanced techniques such as parallax scrolling. You’ll discover how to make the most of pure HTML5/CSS3, how to go even further with JavaScript and jQuery animation triggers, and how to add life, movement, and effects to any site or app. Along the way, you’ll find expert knowledge, best practices, and “jumpstart” code for building everything from rich animations to¿ advanced interactive infographics!

If you’re ready to move on from Adobe® Flash® Technology,¿and create dynamic, motion-rich experiences for today’s¿ browsers and mobile devices, Learning CSS3 Animations and¿ Transitions is your fastest route to success!

Coverage includes
Employing free tools to make the most of CSS3’s capabilitiesSupporting vendor-specific prefixes and checking for HTML5 supportLeveraging the full power of CSS3 transformsCombining transforms with transitions to animate changes over timeUsing keyframe animations to gain fine-grained control over every moment of your animationBuilding 3D-like effects without 3D manipulationUsing 3D transform properties to control depthCreating powerful effects that combine 2D/3D transforms, transitions, and keyframe animationsBringing text to life with animation techniques and jQueryCreating full-fledged cartoon-style animationsVisualizing data through animated and interactive infographics

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