JavaScript for .NET Developers

JavaScript for .NET Developers

Unlock the potential of evergreen browsers and increase the efficiency of your ASP.NET applications by learning how to write JavaScript

About This Book

• Boost your skillset and start bringing JavaScript into your web development projects
• Leverage your existing ASP.NET knowledge to develop dynamic and responsive SPAs
• Learn effective design patterns for sustainable, and scalable web development

Who This Book Is For

This book is for ASP.NET developers that want to bring JavaScript into their skillset to build applications that are truly dynamic and responsive. It’s for developers who are focused on developing for users who want to deliver a great end product and a fantastic experience.

What You Will Learn

• Get to grips with the basic to advanced concepts of JavaScript
• Learn how to use JavaScript on server side using Node.js
• Develop web applications in ASP.NET using JavaScript
• Get to know with industry-wide best practices and design patterns that provide maintainability and scalability
• Build an ASP.NET application using Angular 2 with TypeScript and Web API
• Explore WinJS and see how to use mobile capabilities from web applications
• Use JavaScript to develop scalable ASP.NET applications
• See how to test and debug JavaScript

In Detail

If you want to improve responsiveness or the UX in your ASP.NET applications, JavaScript can be a life saver. In an age where server-side operations have shifted to the client, being able to handle JavaScript with confidence and fluency is vital for ASP.NET developers. There’s no point trying to fight it, so start learning with this book. Make sure your projects exceed user expectations.
Begin by getting stuck into the basics of JavaScript, and explore the language in the context of ASP.NET Core. You’ll then find out how to put the principles into practice, as you learn how to develop a basic ASP.NET application using Angular 2 and TypeScript. You’ll also develop essential skills required to develop responsive apps, with a little help from AJAX, ensuring that you’re building projects that can be easily accessed across different devices.
With guidance on Node.js and some neat techniques to test and debug a range of JavaScript libraries in Visual Studio, you’ll soon be well on your way to combining JavaScript with ASP.NET in a way that’s capable of meeting the challenges of modern web development head-on.

Style and approach

This book will build the skillset of every .NET developer, so they can build stronger and more responsive web apps with confidence.

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