Java Waters Run Deep

Java Waters Run Deep

Java Waters Run Deep, is an aviation mystery set a few years into the future. An airliner flying from Singapore to Adelaide disappears off the air traffic controllers screen 250 miles before crossing the Australian Coast. A bomb is suspected but Peter Talbert, aviation insurance expert, doesn’t believe the ISIS claim that it destroyed the aircraft. Helped by the very attractive Mary French, working for the UK accident investigation team, he suspects some military involvement and shuttling between Australia and London, he slowly pieces together what actually happens and arranges a settlement. However just after the accident report is issued Mary adds another dimension to this terrible accident. This book is the seventh aviation mystery in the series and is a must for any follower of Peter Talbert and lovers of a good story. The book is right up to date dealing with current issues of locating crashed aircraft under water, multi satellite internet/phone systems with coded transmissions, over the horizon radars, ISIS and Government terrorism, unmanned aircraft and even re-organises the UK accident investigation facilities to bring them in line with USA and Australian safety organisations.

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