Java Masterclass: Java Exceptions, Assertions and Logging

Java Masterclass: Java Exceptions, Assertions and Logging

Is your Java system setup to handle programming errors, or exceptions, gracefully and with minimal impact on the user experience? Do you know how to setup assertions to check your code? Do you know how to log events so that issues can be assessed and debugged painlessly and easily? Help is at hand! Welcome to your ‘Java Masterclass: Java Exceptions, Assertions and Logging’ – a concise, focused book designed to get you up-and-running in this critical world of Java development and administration.

Written by leading Java Expert, Sam Alapati, and aimed at newcomers to the world of exceptions, assertions and logging, this book cuts-to-the-chase in a logical and easy-to-understand manner. Get under the hood and find out about declaring, throwing and catching exceptions; what checked and unchecked exceptions mean; how to define custom exception classes; why (and how) you should use assertions; the value and power of logging; and much more!

Even more experienced Java developers and administrators should gain valuable information and knowledge from this book.

In the book, you will:
– Learn about the different Types of Exception, and how to deal with them elegantly
– Dig deep into Exception Objects and learn how to Define Custom Exceptions
– Discover practical guidelines on the effective use of Exceptions, including when to chain Exceptions
– Sanity check your application code, using simple pass/fail Assertion tests
– Get to grips with java.util.logging, Log4J, and other logging frameworks
– Filled with lots of sample code, hints, tips and notes. Download the code from this website for free.

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