JAVA LOST, A Child Imprisoned

JAVA LOST, A Child Imprisoned

In this third and final book of the Java Lost, A Child Imprisoned trilogy, Part III, “Aftermath”, and Part IV, “On to a New Country”, Jannie tells of the Indonesian uprising against the Dutch which Sukarno had started. Where their lives at first had been threatened by hunger and disease in the Japanese prison camps, their lives were now threatened by brutal murder at every turn. Sukarno wanted the Dutch out of the East Indies and he would do what it took to be rid of them. Eventually all the Dutch, the Indos, and those who favored to live under Dutch rule were sent to the Netherlands where they had to build a new life, in a country that had been bombed and raided by the Germans. And now, its inhabitants were not happy to receive these from the Dutch East Indies. From always being warmed by the sun of her childhood, to this ever so cold country known as Holland, she feared she would never again be warm. Yes, life was different; it was very, very different. And this is her story. Be sure to read Book 1, Part I, – The Belt of Emeralds -, setting the stage for this amazing trilogy; and Book 2, Part II, – 18 Inches on a Mattress -, the war years and life in the Japanese concentration camps.

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