Java for Beginners

Java for Beginners

This book teaches and demonstrates the fundamentals of Java. Designed for readers with no prior knowledge in computer programming, this book is unassuming and guides readers in every step of the learning process. It is a book crafted with the novice in mind. Complete source code is provided in every example so that readers can appreciate how a problem can be solved using Java. Where applicable, screen-shots showing the development of application programs are provided to help readers in their practices. If you have no knowledge in writing computer programs and would like a book to guide you in Java programming, then this book is right for you! Topics covered include: variables; data structures; operators; program structures; data types and declaration; expressions, statements, and operators; control flow and arrays; inputs and outputs; methods; and object-oriented programming. In addition, this book covers the Java Application Programming Interface (API) – a rich Java class library.

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