Java EE Applications on Oracle Java Cloud:

Java EE Applications on Oracle Java Cloud:

Master Java EE Application Development on Oracle Java Cloud

Build highly available, scalable, secure, distributed applications on Oracle Java Cloud. In this Oracle Press guide, Oracle ACE Director and Java Champion Harshad Oak leads you through the entire Java EE cloud-based application lifecycle—from development to deployment. Filled with real-world examples, ready-to-use code, and best practices, Java EE Applications on Oracle Java Cloud is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to meet the growing demand for cloud-based development skills.
Set up an Oracle Java Cloud instance and manage users and roles

Build an application with NetBeans IDE and deploy it on Oracle Java Cloud

Extend application functionality using servlets, filters, and listeners

Streamline application development with JavaServer Pages, JSP Standard Tag Library, and expression language

Create and deploy feature-rich JavaServer Faces applications on Oracle Java Cloud

Use Enterprise JavaBeans to effectively run business logic code in enterprise applications

Develop and deploy SOAP and RESTful web services on Oracle Java Cloud

Take advantage of the persistence capabilities of Oracle Java Cloud via Oracle Database Cloud

Code examples from the book are available for download.

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