Java: A complete practical solution

Java: A complete practical solution

Book covers all the topics of Java with explanation like object and class, this, super, instance, static, final, package, interface, abstract exception handling, applet, swing, event handling, collections, GUI, AWT, Thread, Servlet, JSP, JDBC, Look and feel, RMI, Socket programming and many more keywords and topics.

Why Java- A Complete Solution:

This book contains 225 questions with solution and more than 100 interview questions.

it is good for those, who :
Well versed in C and OOPsWants to learn Java ProgrammingNot familiar with Java and has good knowledge of programmingWants to learn Android or other App development/ website developmentWants to work as freelancerWants to fight for certification/ interview/ examination

History in Brief, Magic Code: Byte-code, Operators in Java, Java Comment, Control Statement, Iteration/ Looping, Array, Object and Classes, Constructor, Static..”This” Keyword, Final Keyword, Java- Regular Expressions (RegeX), String, Instance-of, Inner class, Inheritance, super, Overriding, Abstraction, Abstract class, Interface, Exception, The try-with-resources statement, Package, Collection and generics, Apple, Lifecycle of Java Applet, AWT Package, Adapter Class, Multithreading, Networking, File Handling (IO Package), Serialisation, Interface, Java Advance, Swing, JApplet, JDBC, Servlet, JSP.

Java: A complete practical solution | | 4.5