Java 8 New Features: A Practical Heads-Up Guide

Java 8 New Features: A Practical Heads-Up Guide

Are you are worried you are missing out on the latest version of Java? When you hear a term such as lambda expressions – do you wonder what you are neglecting? If so, Java 8 New Features will squash your concerns and deliver a quick and easy-to-understand guide to what’s new in Java 8.

The latest version of Java offers numerous improvements and new features to better utilize Java. Streams, for example, supports a fluent approach to problem solving and lets the developer take advantage of concurrency with minimal effort, whilst Lambda Expressions offer new ways of expressing a solution that brings efficiency and succinct programming.

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Java 8 New Features is a concise new book filled with code examples and best practice.

In this book, you will:

– Learn how interface enhancements – such as default methods – affect new additions to Java 8 and their impact on multiple inheritance between interfaces
– Use lambda expressions to simplify solutions to development problems
– Discover how the new Stream interface supports query type problems
– Explore the new support for concurrent processing including that supported by Streams
– Find out why the new date and time enhancements make working with time so much easier than it used to be
– Includes information on the Nashorn JavaScript Engine, File IO Enhancements, and Project Jigsaw

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