Japanese Short Stories

Japanese Short Stories

Reading Japanese Literature in Japanese
This series is for the people/students who want to learn Japanese.

– For Beginners
– Annotation
– Modern Japanese
– Ruby (Furigana)
– Grammatical Analysis
– Vocabulary

Japanese Short Stories
For Beginners

■ Soseki Natsume(夏目《なつめ》 漱石《そうせき》)
Ten Nights of Dreams(夢十夜《ゆめじゅうや》) The First Night(第一夜《だいいちや》)
Buncho文鳥《ぶんちょう》(Java Sparrow)

■ Murasaki Shikibu(紫《むらさき》式部《しきぶ》)
The Tale of Genji(源氏《げんじ》物語《ものがたり》) KIRITSUBO(桐壺《きりつぼ》)

■ Junichiro Tanizaki(谷崎《たにざき》潤一郎《じゅんいちろう》)
The Tattooer(刺青《いれずみ》)

■ Kenji Miyazawa(宮沢《みやざわ》賢治《けんじ》)
Gauche the Cellist(セロ弾《ひ》きのゴーシュ)
The Nighthawk Star(よたかの星《ほし》)

■ Rampo Edogawa(江戸川《えどがわ》 乱歩《らんぽ》)
The Twins – Confession of Murder(ふたご――ある死刑囚《しけいしゅう》の告白《こくはく》――)

■ Old Stories of Japan(日本《にほん》昔話《むかしばなし》)
Urashima Taro(浦島《うらしま》太郎《たろう》)
The Tongue-Cut Sparrow(舌切《したき》りすずめ)
Click-Clack Mountain(かちかち山《やま》)

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