Information Security for the Rest of Us

Information Security for the Rest of Us

With the high number of computer attacks growing in complexity, data centers need new and faster "sniffers" with alerts to make sure data traveling through the LAN / WAN are clean and free of malicious code. Older systems focus on manual processes creates a delay between detection and response, leaving a time for attackers. General estimates say an above average hacker should have up to 12 hours from the time of intrusion to response. Because of this most of the resources, i.e. system administrators' skills will not thwart a successful attack. If the time between the intrusion and response is 6 hours or less, a successful attacks difficult. An automated IDS with real time detection and shorter response time provides the best defense. Another name is security control technology with the ability to determine "zero day threats" exist at the data center to computer stage. Not all organizations have these stages of technology. Most never see it coming and must deal with the "incident" or "crisis" after the fact.

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