I Hate PHP: A Beginners Guide to PHP & MySQL Programming Wit…

I Hate PHP: A Beginners Guide to PHP & MySQL Programming Wit...

This book is for the lonely people who can’t get a da…hold on…wrong book…”I Hate PHP” is for webmasters and designers who have always wondered what PHP could do for them; someone who wants to “do” some PHP and not outsource it. It is best to be familiar with HTML and writing / deciphering HTML code. 
Unlike other PHP books on the market, we are not going to attempt to cover every single facet of the Wide World of PHP Language. No, we want to grasp the basics of the language, get familiar with it, and get some real-life examples not have the whole thing shoved down our throat!
I hate PHP is a complete beginner’s guide to the PHP scripting language, once you complete the course detailed within you will have a fundamental knowledge of everything you need to know to get started in creating dynamic, database driven web pages.
Starting with the basics, this guide will take it step by step, utilising examples along the way, and by the end you will be proficient enough to start including dynamic content in your own websites.
Some of the things you will learn in the guide:

What is a variable?
How to display dynamic text in a webpage.
How to write code loops.
How to write IF statements.
How to query a MySQL database.

Once you have mastered these five basic fundamental concepts, you will have all of the tools at your disposal that you need to start developing dynamic, content driven websites.

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