How to code in Python: GCSE, iGCSE and National 4/5

How to code in Python: GCSE, iGCSE and National 4/5

Ensure every student can become fluent in Python with this highly practical workbook that will guide them through the theory and logic behind coding.

Written for 14-16-year olds by a leading Python specialist and teacher, and aligned to curriculum requirements, this essential book will provide 100s of coding examples, puzzles and problems to strengthen computational thinking skills, that can be completed as homework or during class time.

Python for Students will:
· Provide numerous practice questions and coding problems to perfect the techniques required for GCSE, iGCSE and N4/5 success.
· Help students become proficient in computational thinking and problem-solving using Python.
· Provide easy-to-follow explanations of concepts and terminology.
· Feature plenty of opportunities for self-assessment with solutions to coding problems available online.

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