Hands-On Cryptography with Python

Hands-On Cryptography with Python

Learn to evaluate and compare data encryption methods and attack cryptographic systems

About This Book

• Explore popular and important cryptographic methods
• Compare cryptographic modes and understand their limitations
• Learn to perform attacks on cryptographic systems

Who This Book Is For

Hands-On Cryptography with Python is for security professionals who want to learn to encrypt and evaluate data, and compare different encryption methods.

What You Will Learn

• Protect data with encryption and hashing
• Explore and compare various encryption methods
• Encrypt data using the Caesar Cipher technique
• Make hashes and crack them
• Learn how to use three NIST-recommended systems: AES, SHA, and RSA
• Understand common errors in encryption and exploit them

In Detail

Cryptography is essential for protecting sensitive information, but it is often performed inadequately or incorrectly.
Hands-On Cryptography with Python starts by showing you how to encrypt and evaluate your data. The book will then walk you through various data encryption methods,such as obfuscation, hashing, and strong encryption, and will show how you can attack cryptographic systems. You will learn how to create hashes, crack them, and will understand why they are so different from each other. In the concluding chapters, you will use three NIST-recommended systems: the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), the Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA), and the Rivest-Shamir-Adleman (RSA).
By the end of this book, you will be able to deal with common errors in encryption.

Style and approach

A practical guide that will help the readers to encrypt their data with ease

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