Grid Computing Security

Grid Computing Security

Grid computing is widely regarded as a technology of immense potential in both industry and academia. Yet many enterprises are still hesitant about the implementation of an enterprise-level grid system, due to the lack of consistent and widely used standards. Security is probably the most important concern and needs both close understanding and careful implementation as grid computing offers unique security challenges.

Based on his research and industry experience, Chakrabarti has structured the issues pertaining to grid computing security into three main categories: architecture-related, infrastructure-related, and management-related issues. He discusses all three categories in detail, presents existing solutions, standards, and products, and pinpoints their shortcomings and open questions.

Together with a brief introduction into grid computing in general and underlying security technologies, this book offers the first concise and detailed introduction to this important area, targeting professionals in the grid industry as well as students specializing in grid computing, networking, peer-to-peer systems, or operating systems. It can also be used as the basis for a self-contained course on grid computing security, complementing the author’s tutorials at grid conferences.

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