Get Your Hands Dirty on Clean Architecture

Get Your Hands Dirty on Clean Architecture

Gain insight into how hexagonal architecture can help to keep the cost of development low over the complete lifetime of an application
Key Features
Explore ways to make your software flexible, extensible, and adaptable

Learn new concepts that you can easily blend with your own software development style

Develop the mindset of building maintainable solutions instead of taking shortcuts
Book Description
We would all like to build software architecture that yields adaptable and flexible software with low development costs. But, unreasonable deadlines and shortcuts make it very hard to create such an architecture.

Get Your Hands Dirty on Clean Architecture starts with a discussion about the conventional layered architecture style and its disadvantages. It also talks about the advantages of the domain-centric architecture styles of Robert C. Martin’s Clean Architecture and Alistair Cockburn’s Hexagonal Architecture. Then, the book dives into hands-on chapters that show you how to manifest a hexagonal architecture in actual code. You’ll learn in detail about different mapping strategies between the layers of a hexagonal architecture and see how to assemble the architecture elements into an application. The later chapters demonstrate how to enforce architecture boundaries. You’ll also learn what shortcuts produce what types of technical debt and how, sometimes, it is a good idea to willingly take on those debts.

After reading this book, you’ll have all the knowledge you need to create applications using the hexagonal architecture style of web development.
What you will learn
Identify potential shortcomings of using a layered architecture

Apply methods to enforce architecture boundaries

Find out how potential shortcuts can affect the software architecture

Produce arguments for when to use which style of architecture

Structure your code according to the architecture

Apply various types of tests that will cover each element of the architecture
Who this book is for
This book is for you if you care about the architecture of the software you are building. To get the most out of this book, you must have some experience with web development. The code examples in this book are in Java. If you are not a Java programmer but can read object-oriented code in other languages, you will be fine. In the few places where Java or framework specifics are needed, they are thoroughly explained.

Get Your Hands Dirty on Clean Architecture | | 4.5