Game Development Using Python

Game Development Using Python

This book will guide you through the basic game development process using Python, covering game topics including graphics, sound, artificial intelligence, animation, game engines, etc. Real games are created as you work through the text and significant parts of a game engine are built and made available for download. The companion disc contains all of the resources described in the book, e.g. example code, game assets, video/sound editing software, and color figures. Instructor resources are available for use as a textbook. 

Teaches basic game development concepts using Python including graphics, sound, artificial intelligence, animation, game engines, collision detection, Web-based games, and more 
Includes a companion disc with example code, games assets, and color figures

Companion files are available for downloading with order number/proof of purchase by writing to the publisher at [email protected]

0: Games
1: Introduction to How Games Work
2: Graphics and Images
3: The Game Loop
4: Game AI: Collisions
5: Navigation and Control
6: Sound
7: C2H6O Jet Boat Race
8: Animation
9: C2H6O – Final Steps
10: Networking
A: A* in Python
B: C2H6O Jet Boat Race Game Design Document
C: The NPC (Boat) Class for the Example Game
Companion Files:
Source Code
Game Assets
4 Color Figures
Audacity (sound editing software)
VideoMach (video editing software)

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