Fight Back

Fight Back

G. Gordon Liddy has never shrunk from a fight, and in this book he offers individuals and businesses a clear-eyed, proactive, and deeply informed approach to combating criminal and terrorist threats.

Backed by advice from three seasoned professionals who offer military, medical, and personal security perspectives, Liddy addresses:

-How and why terrorists select targets–and how to minimize your chances of becoming one
-Assessing your personal and workplace risks: Do you have a plan to protect yourself? Your employees? Your infrastructure?
-Using defensive landscaping and antiterrorism architecture: how to protect against intruders, truck bombs, and other potential attacks
-How to survive a kidnapping and hostage situation
-Countering chemical, biological, and weapons attacks: An Emergency Response Handbook

Fight Back is an essential book for everyone concerned about home and workplace safety.

Fight Back | | 4.5