Enterprise JavaBeans 3.1

Enterprise JavaBeans 3.1

Learn how to code, package, deploy, and test functional Enterprise JavaBeans with the latest edition of this bestselling guide. Written by the developers of JBoss EJB 3.1, this book not only brings you up to speed on each component type and container service in this implementation, it also provides a workbook with several hands-on examples to help you gain immediate experience with these components.

With version 3.1, EJB’s server-side component model for building distributed business applications is simpler than ever. But it’s still a complex technology that requires study and lots of practice to master. Enterprise JavaBeans 3.1 is the most complete reference on this specification. You’ll find a straightforward, no-nonsense explanation of the underlying technology, including Java classes and interfaces, the component model, and the runtime behavior of EJB.
Develop your first EJBs with a hands-on walkthrough of EJB 3.1 conceptsLearn how to encapsulate business logic with Session Beans and Message-Driven BeansDiscover how to handle persistence through Entity Beans, the EntityManager, and the Java Persistence APIUnderstand EJB’s container services such as dependency injection, concurrency, and interceptorsIntegrate EJB with other technologies in the Java Enterprise Edition platformUse examples with either the JBossAS, OpenEJB, or GlassFish v3 EJB Containers

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