Effective MySQL Optimizing SQL Statements

Effective MySQL Optimizing SQL Statements

The Essential Guide to SQL Statement Optimization

Written by Oracle ACE Director and MySQL expert Ronald Bradford, Effective MySQL: Optimizing SQL Statements is filled with detailed explanations and practical examples that can be applied immediately to improve database and application performances. Featuring a step-by-step approach to SQL optimization, this Oracle Press book helps you to analyze and tune problematic SQL statements.
Identify the essential analysis commands for gathering and diagnosing issuesLearn how different index theories are applied and represented in MySQLPlan and execute informed SQL optimizationsCreate MySQL indexes to improve query performanceMaster the MySQL query execution planIdentify key configuration variables that impact SQL execution and performanceApply the SQL optimization lifecycle to capture, identify, confirm, analyze, and optimize SQL statements and verify the resultsImprove index utilization with covering indexes and partial indexesLearn hidden performance tips for improving index efficiency and simplifying SQL statements

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