Data Science with Machine Learning- Python Interview Questio…

Data Science with Machine Learning- Python Interview Questio...

The book “Data science with Machine learning- Python interview questions is for people who wish to comprehend the vast ocean of the above fields just before interview.

The book is a true companion of people aspiring for data science and machine learning and provides answers to mostly asked questions and provides easy to remember and presentable answers.

The book will remain ever youthful as the concept described in the book is not likely to change with immediately.

  Key features:
Easy to learn, step by step explanation of examples.Questions related to core/basic Python, Excel, basic and advanced statical are included. Covers numpy, scipy, sklearn  and pandas to a greater detail with good number of examples
Table of Contents
       Data Science Basic Questions and Terms       Python Programming Questions       Numpy Interview Questions       Pandas Interview Questions       Scipy and its Applications       Matplotlib Samples to Remember       Statistics with Excel Sheet

Mr Vishwanathan has twenty years of hard code experience in software industry spanning across many multinational companies and domains. Playing with data to derive meaningful insights has been his domain and that is what took him towards data science and machine learning. Teaching is his passion and he is proud to have taught  more than thousand of students across globe.


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