Cyber Security for Cyber Physical Systems

Cyber Security for Cyber Physical Systems

This book on the evolution of teaching and learning paradigms in intelligent environment presents the latest ideas pertaining to educational pedagogy. The following contents are included.

Introduction to the Evolution of Teaching and Learning Paradigms
Why Designers cannot be Agnostic about Pedagogy: The Influence of Constructivist Thinking in Design of e-Learning for HE
Problem Based Learning in an E-learning environment – A Case Study at Griffith University School of Medicine
Education Ontologies Construction for Personalised Learning on the Web
Sequencing in Web-based Education
From Dungeons to Classrooms
The Development of an Approach to Learning within the Middle Schooling Paradigm
Data Mining in E-Learning
Data Mining of Virtual Campus Data
Authoring and Management Tools For Adaptive Educational Hypermedia Systems
Technology and Pedagogy – How to Learn Technique

This book is directed to teaching professionals of all disciplines.

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