Continuous Delivery for Java Apps

Continuous Delivery for Java Apps

This book will guide you through the implementation of the real-world Continuous Delivery using top-notch technologies that are in high demand by the best companies around the world. Instead of finishing this book thinking “I know what Continuous Delivery is, but I have no idea how to implement it”, you will end up with your machine set up with a Kubernetes cluster running Jenkins Pipelines in a distributed and scalable fashion (each Pipeline run on a new Jenkins slave dynamically allocated as a Kubernetes pod) to test (unit, integration, acceptance, performance and smoke tests), build (with Maven), release (to Artifactory), distribute (to Docker Hub) and deploy (on Kubernetes) a Spring Boot application to testing, staging and production environments implementing the Canary Release deployment pattern to mitigate risks.

This book is intended for Java Developers, SysAdmins or anyone interested in learning how to build a continuous delivery pipeline step by step using Kubernetes, Docker, Vagrant, Jenkins, Spring, Maven and Artifactory. 

If you are a Java Developer, it’s not required that you have prior knowledge with Kubernetes, Docker, Vagrant, Jenkins, etc. If you are a SysAdmin, it’s not required that you know about Java, Spring, Maven, and so on. Although this is a hands-on book, all the theory needed to build the CD pipeline is provided step by step throughout the book.

I have worked as a Java Developer for many years and now I’m particularly interested in subjects such as these:

– Agile

– DevOps / Continuous Delivery

– NoSQL Databases (Cassandra, Redis, etc)

– Cloud Computing

– Containers

– Distributed Systems

– Linux / Infrastructure / Security

This is the book I wish I had found when I was learning how to implement Continuous Delivery in practice; that’s why I wrote it. It will bring to you years of experience implementing Continuous Delivery in many different Java projects.

It’s also worth to mention that this book is a forever edition, which means that no matter how fast the technologies used here evolve, this book will be always kept up to date and of course you will get notified and will pay nothing to take advantage of the updates.

I hope you buy this book and have a very pleasant reading. Thank you very much!

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