Computer Programming JavaScript, Python, HTML, SQL, CSS

Computer Programming JavaScript, Python, HTML, SQL, CSS

In The Ultimate Python Programming Guide for Beginners you will learn all the essential tools to become proficient in the python programming language. Learn how to install python in all major operating systems: Windows, Mac OS, and even Linux. You will be guided step by step from downloading the necessary files to making adjustments in the installation for your particular operating system. Learn the command line shell, and how to use it to run python in interactive and script modes.

Discover how the python interpreter functions, and learn how to use the interactive command line shell through practical examples you can try on your own. Learn datatypes and variables in depth, with example code and discussion of the generated output.

Numbers are covered in detail, including a discussion of the 4 number types in python: integer, float, complex, and boolean. Learn about Truthy and Falsy returns and how they relate to the boolean type. Practice with some of the many built-in python math functions, and discover the difference between format() and round() functions.

Strings are one of the most important variables in any programming language. Learn in-depth how to explore, search, and even manipulate strings in python. Practice with python’s built-in string methods.

Learn about python’s control structures and how to use boolean logic to achieve your software requirements.
Deal with operators and develop an understanding of the strengths and differences of mathematical, relational and logical operators, as well as the importance of operator precedence and associativity.Learn about strings and the many ways to search through and manipulate them.Discover the power of inheritance and polymorphism.Learn how to open, manipulate and read, and close files on your file system.Learn about the philosophy and importance of code reuse, and how modules in python makes this simple.Examine the difference between procedural and Object Oriented programming. Which is right for you may depend on what kind of code you are writing.Practice control structures in python.Study operators and learn about operator overloading.An in-depth discussion of python sequences: lists, sets, tuples and dictionaries. Learn the strengths and weaknesses of each. Practice creating and manipulating python sequences.

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