Computer Network Security

Computer Network Security

As society becomes increasingly dependent on computers and computer networks, computer problems continue to rise in number. Yet despite the proliferation of expert remedies, a viable solution to these security issues remains elusive, and society continues to suffer at the hands of cyber vandalism and computer viruses. This comprehensive text outlines and discusses today’s most important issues and concerns in computer network and information safety and security, and promises to ignite debate and participation in the ongoing global security dialog

Computer Network Security is foremost an educational tool that aims to explore computer network infrastructure and protocol design security flaws and discusses current security solutions and best practices. It explores the security threats and vulnerabilities in the current network infrastructure and protocols and outlines current efforts including: Access Control and Authorization, Cryptography, Firewalls and VPNs, Web Security and Content Filtering, among others. The text further discusses various security proposals including:

* Raising awareness of the security problems in cyberspace, and, more particularly, computer network security

* Starting a discussion on computer network infrastructure and protocol design flaws and vulnerabilities

* Exploring the role of legislation and law enforcement in maintaining computer and computer network security

* Proposing efficient and widely acceptable solutions and best practices to the security problem, and encouraging readers to investigate other possible solutions

This text is an invaluable instructional and research tool for courses in computer and information security. Students or practitioners in computer science, information science, technology studies, library sciences, and information management studies will find this text particularly useful for their purposes. In addition, it is a rich resource for those looking to gain an understanding of computer infrastructures and network security threats.

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