Cloud Storage Security (Enhanced Edition)

Cloud Storage Security (Enhanced Edition)

Cloud Storage Security: A Practical Guide introduces and discusses the risks associated with cloud-based data storage from a security and privacy perspective. Gain an in-depth understanding of the risks and benefits of cloud storage illustrated using a Use-Case methodology. The authors also provide a checklist that enables the user, as well as the enterprise practitioner to evaluate what security and privacy issues need to be considered when using the cloud to store personal and sensitive information.Describes the history and the evolving nature of cloud storage and securityExplores the threats to privacy and security when using free social media applications that use cloud storageCovers legal issues and laws that govern privacy, compliance, and legal responsibility for enterprise usersProvides guidelines and a security checklist for selecting a cloud-storage service providerIncludes case studies and best practices for securing data in the cloudDiscusses the future of cloud computing

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