Chocolate Cherry Milk Evolution

Chocolate Cherry Milk Evolution

When most people hear statements like: The feel good movie of the year
or Your taste buds will love you for it
or 9 out of 10 doctors agree – they realize they are being hit with a sales pitch for a product that may or may not live up to the hype.

Having said that: It will be some time before another book like Chocolate Cherry Milk Evolution comes along.

CCMilk expresses most of the emotions a person experiences at some point in their lives. Everyone will be able to relate wholeheartedly to at least one poem. Moreover, the poems in this book are realistic, humorous, romantic, and passionate. In summary, those emotions are beautifully displayed. – Priti T.

Poetry is the expression of genuine feelings. This quality of being able to express pure artistic value is what makes this book great poetic work. This book causes the reader, to step back and see his joy, pain and romantic bliss. CCMilk urges us to look into ourselves and see what we can express. – Kenneth Edwards

CCMilk is a poetic tour de force that shows the urban Hip-Hop influence of its writer. Rose Petals and Como Esta Usted are two of my favorites, but then again there are so many… It was quite a challenge to pick any favorites because each time I read another, I was forced to change my mind. I thoroughly enjoyed it! Java Bomani has risen like a Phoenix…. – Tony Samuel-CEO Rescue One Posse

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