Beginning PHP and MySQL

Beginning PHP and MySQL

Get started with PHP and MySQL programming: no experience necessary. This fifth edition of a classic best-seller includes detailed instructions for configuring the ultimate PHP 7 and MySQL development environment on all major platforms, complete coverage of the latest additions and improvements to the PHP language, and thorough introductions to MySQL’s most relied-upon features. 

You’ll not only receive extensive introductions to the core features of PHP, MySQL, and related tools, but you’ll also learn how to effectively integrate them in order to build robust data-driven applications. Author Frank M. Kromann draws upon more than 20 years of experience working with these technologies to pack this book with practical examples and insight into the real-world challenges faced by developers. Accordingly, you will repeatedly return to this book as both a valuable instructional tool and reference guide. 

You will:
Install PHP, MySQL and several popular web serversGet started with PHP, including using its string-handling, networking, forms-processing, and object-oriented featuresGain skills in MySQL’s fundamental features, including supported data types, database management syntax, triggers, views, stored routine syntax, and import/export capabilities
Work with hundreds of examples demonstrating countless facets of PHP and MySQL integration

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