AI Crash Course

AI Crash Course

This friendly and accessible guide to AI theory and programming in Python requires no maths or data science background.
Key Features
Roll up your sleeves and start programming AI models

No math, data science, or machine learning background required

Packed with hands-on examples, illustrations, and clear step-by-step instructions

5 hands-on working projects put ideas into action and show step-by-step how to build intelligent software
Book Description
AI is changing the world – and with this book, anyone can start building intelligent software!

Through his best-selling video courses, Hadelin de Ponteves has taught hundreds of thousands of people to write AI software. Now, for the first time, his hands-on, energetic approach is available as a book. Taking a graduated approach that starts with the basics before easing readers into more complicated formulas and notation, Hadelin helps you understand what you really need to build AI systems with reinforcement learning and deep learning. Five full working projects put the ideas into action, showing step-by-step how to build intelligent software using the best and easiest tools for AI programming:

Google Colab

AI Crash Course teaches everyone to build an AI to work in their applications. Once you’ve read this book, you’re only limited by your imagination.
What you will learn
Master the key skills of deep learning, reinforcement learning, and deep reinforcement learning

Understand Q-learning and deep Q-learning

Learn from friendly, plain English explanations and practical activities

Build fun projects, including a virtual-self-driving car

Use AI to solve real-world business problems and win classic video games

Build an intelligent, virtual robot warehouse worker
Who this book is for
If you want to add AI to your skillset, this book is for you. It doesn’t require data science or machine learning knowledge. Just maths basics (high school level).

AI Crash Course | | 4.5